10 Ways To Get Your NFT Whitelisted

Get Your NFT Whitelisted


NFTs soared in popularity in 2021, but in 2022, more people will buy their first NFT than ever before. You’ll probably end up at a marketplace like Open-Sea when you first hear about NFTs, and you can certainly start trading these digital products, but the biggest gains are often obtained once projects go online in a process known as minting.

What is NFT? NFT means non-fungible token, which indicates it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset that only you own.

There’s a lot that goes into getting on these whitelists, but if you go through all of the hoops, the payoff can be extremely substantial. This article will focus on 10 Ways to Get Your NFT Whitelisted.

1- Find an NFT project

There are literally thousands of projects in which you can participate; the hardest part is choosing which ones to join. There are frauds and projects that can lose you money, so choosing the appropriate one is difficult, so do your homework.

2- Go to the project’s official website.

The first thing to realize or understand about NFT projects is that they may be divided into two different categories. The first category is essentially just an art project, which you will be able to trade like digital trading cards.

The second project is a utility project that the team is working on as a result of having an NFT in their collection. This could be a digital figure, piece of clothing, or plot of land for the Metaverse, which is usually a virtual reality setting or game that hasn’t been developed yet.

3- arrive early

Now, I understand that this is difficult, but what I mean by “be early” is that if you see something spring up in a small area of a Discord group or Alpha Group, jump in and do it right immediately. If you’re on Twitter and see that someone is releasing a project, jump in right immediately.

4- Join the Discord

You may already have a Discord account, but if you want to be added to the NFT whitelist, you should create one. Because spam and bots are a significant problem on Discord, the first thing you’ll do when you click a link to an NFT project is jumping through hoops to confirm you’re human.

Reference: https://discord.com

5- Enhance the project

Most projects appear to be engaging in somewhat spammy conduct in order to ensure that their projects become popular and thus generate demand for the newly issued NFTs.

While it’s a bummer that these now need to be on the whitelist in order to mint NFTs for the collection, there’s no getting around it; if you want in, you’ll have to get used to it.

6- Get on the whitelist

You can apply for the whitelist after jumping through all of the hoops. This is usually done in a channel called something like verify-whitelist.’ Many individuals will post-verify in this channel, which is a command that instructs a bot to execute a verification script on your account, and if you fulfill the criteria, you may be added to the list.

7- Prepare your NFT

You should keep an eye on the project’s announcements channel and social media channels to find out when the minting date is set. Some projects are more liberal than others in allowing time to the mint before they release your space to someone else, and some projects provide a very short notification period.

8- Wait for the reveal

From the moment the blank NFT is minted, you can start trading it on a secondary market like OpenSea. You won’t get a reveal until all of the NFTs in the collection have been minted. This is a crucial date since it makes it much easier for people to decide if they like your NFT and assigns a value based on how it looks (or what it provides if the NFT has additional utility).

9- Alpha teams

Now, the reason I say alpha groups is that there are some high-quality alpha groups out there where you not only get the alpha, but you also get the white spots where the person running the Alpha Group will be able to go out there, do the legwork when it comes to the project research, and actually reach out to these founders and get wireless spots for their community.

10- Become an influencer

This implies that when you reach out and DM a project, they’ll be more likely to react because they’ll see your following and impact and recognize that a reciprocal relationship may be formed.

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