5 Best Money Savings Apps You Need to Try Out

5 BEST MONEY SAVING APPSBest Money Savings Apps

Money Savings Apps: Saving has turned into a golden financial tip that every individual who wants or desires financial security works with. It is progressively touted as one of the numerous ways by which you can grow your income and create stable financial momentum while reaching long- and short-term financial objectives. With saving, every note counts as limited amounts in all actuality do accumulate or add up over the long haul.

Below Are My 5 Best Money Saving Applications:

1- Piggyvest

Piggyvest was previously called Piggybank. Piggyvest was the first to pioneer the trail for online saving platforms in Nigeria. Its adaptability and flexibility allow anybody to custom save every day, week after week, or month to month, depending upon the person’s inclination. Clients can save towards a particular objective or decide to put a withdrawal limit on the account.

  • Piggyvest Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Piggyvest Interest rate: 8 percent per year
  • Piggyvest Withdrawal charges: 5% fee
  • Piggyvest Savings rewards: 1 point per every N2,500 saved.

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2- Cowrywise

One of the most mind-blowing online savings platforms in Nigeria. Cowrywise gives higher interest rates, yet clients or users can likewise access investment plans on the platform. A high saving score increases the possibility of getting a loan on CowryWise.

Cowrywise likewise has a sans interest-free savings choice for people who don’t uphold interest on investment funds due to one or the other religion or individual reasons.

  • Cowrywise Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Cowrywise Saving Plans: Regular savings, Life Goals, Halal Savings,
  • Cowrywise Interest rate: 10 percent – 15 percent
  • Cowrywise Savings rewards: None
  • Cowrywise Issues debit card: No
  • Cowrywise Withdrawal charges: None
  • Cowrywise Minimum withdrawal: None

3- Kuda Bank

Kuda bank is a full Online Bank, no administrative work is required, and you can open an account in minutes. Since Kuda is a digital-only bank, every one of its activities occurs through cell phones. As a digital-only bank, Kuda also possesses all the necessary qualities as one of the most mind-blowing internet-based savings platforms in Nigeria. Kuda banks intend to begin offering credits to its users as well as P2P payments options on the Kuda application.

Interest rates for the investment plan on Kuda bank are 15%. You’ll get a particular loan rate when you set up your investment funds on the Kuda application.

  • Kuda Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Kuda Interest rate: 10 percent – 15 percent
  • Kuda Savings rewards: None
  • Kuda Issues debit card: Yes. Free delivery
  • Kuda Withdrawal charges: None
  • Kuda Minimum withdrawal: None

4- V Bank by VFD

V bank also called V, is one of the well-known platforms in Nigeria that greatly offers Nigerians the energy and capacity to save through their cell-phones. V bank is owned by V.F.D microfinance bank. You can easily open a V bank account within a short time frame with a cell phone.

  • V Bank gives you as low as 12% interest on all your savings.
  • V Bank Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • V Bank Interest rate: 12%
  • V Bank Savings rewards: None
  • V Bank Issues debit card: Yes
  • V Bank Withdrawal charges: None
  • V Bank Minimum withdrawal: None

5- SumoTrust

SumoTrust formally called SumoBank is one of the most legit saving platforms in Nigeria. You can save day-to-day, week-by-week, or month-by-month with this amazing application. It additionally has an amazing autosave feature where you set how much the application ought to save for you and how when the saving occurs.

SumoTrust Offers interest rates of up to 15% on its platform.

  • SumoTrust Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • SumoTrust Interest rate: 12%
  • SumoTrust Savings rewards: None
  • SumoTrust Issues debit card: Yes
  • SumoTrust Withdrawal charges: None
  • SumoTrust Minimum withdrawal: None

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Wrapping Up

We suggest Piggyvest for your long-term savings as they are a committed savings platform that really helps structure an extraordinary saving habit. In any case, Kuda Bank is one more great bet as they additionally give exceptional high returns on your investment/savings also, they don’t charge a penalty on withdrawals.

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